Introduction of network management division
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Introduction of network management division

In Xiamen University of Technology Network management division is responsible for the campus network plan and construction role,campus website management construction and maintenance, network system management and maintenance, campus network equipment management and maintenance, campus network’s users management and maintenance, system safety and management, network equipment’s settingconfiguration adjustment and system management, supervising the network performance, network equipment’s operationrunmonitorstate checktrouble test and remove|keeping operating logs and written the draft is based on the development and criterion of all kinds of application system about campus network.

Introduction of modern educational technology division

Modern educational technology division is a department of information centre which provides a good study environment for students with a 220-person high-level lecture hall and 120 multi-functional rooms. Electronic education center has digital camera, video capture card, nonlinear editing system, audio & video recordable system and a series of electronic education images and videos, whose total value is approximately 3 million Yuan. Technology division provide a strong technical support for enhancing our campus educational technology facility‘s management and service, popularizing modern educational technology in the teaching procedure and adapting university to higher education.

Introduction of informatization framework

Informatization construction leading organs use campus CIO system, with directing president responsible for it directly and wholly.

Informatization construction leading team is the policy making organ of campus Informatization construction and management, which is responsible for examining and approving Informatization construction’s general plan, policy ,code, regulation, stage task, investment for human resource and etc.

Informatization construction expert advisory group is the consulting organization of campus informatization construction and management, who proposes suggestions for the campus Informatization construction which is submitted by Informatization construction leading team and annual expenditure budget, receives executive suggestions, examines material project’s approving, initiating and testing, provides technology and policy consultancies.

Informatization construction leading office is set as temporary organ, which comprises of members from information center, computer department and other relative functional division with develop and plan office leading. Responsibilities are listed as:

1.Making total campus Informatization construction’s long-term and stage plan and implementing it

2.managing the distribution and use of campus Informatization construction expenditure

3. Making the policy, code, regulation and criterion of campus Informatization construction;

4. examining and approving Informatization construction project and carrying out the mid-term supervision and test

5.coordinating internal and external affairs about Informatization construction

Introduction of information centre


 Information Centre, which was founded in March, 2007 is the assisting and supporting organ of teaching, researching and management in Xiamen University of Technology. with conductions of campus Informatization construction leading group, we face with all kinds of challenges of educational informatiazation, hold the opportunity and convert it to function and develop the originally just providing electricity-supply classroom, internet access service into modern university information support center which integrates research, plan, construction, run, maintenance, accounts service and training about digital campus and modern educational technology. Information centre has an section and four divisions which has ecards section, network management division ,information construction division and modern educational technology division and user training disvision  and has 30 staffs (including 13 institution personnel). Business mostly covers Electronic School Affairs, web platform(including web construction),

Multi-media teaching service, web assisting teaching service, video production and broadcasting service,campus cards service.

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